POVmosix = ( Povray + openMosix ) ^ ( qt * kde )
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Alessandro Bonfanti
EMAIL xjbon@tin.it

What is POVmosix ?

Povmosix is Qt/KDE program designed to provide parallel povray rendering in a openmosix environment. It "split" the scene rendering (called task) in a set of "sub jobs" and these sub jobs can be migrate in openmosix environment. When all job are finished the output image is generated from the partial jobs output. A Qt/KDE GUI allow a simple and powerfully interface to setup and change the rendering attributes and to manage the process migration.
Screen shots

Do we need to change something in original povray source code ?

No, no modifications is necessary. Povray 3.0 and 3.5 are fully supported.

Are there some restriction or limitation in povray usage ?

You cannot use the "-c" parameter to continue a previous rendering. This problem is on top of the feature for the next release
You cannot use the "-D" parameter to display the partial rendering.This option is disabled because if it is used there are some problem in jobs migration.